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T HE VISION FOR THE E VANGELICAL B IBLE S EMINARY (EBS), started in September 1983, came to Michael Chongluai while he was studying at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies(SAIACS) in Bangalore, India. When he returned home, he gathered a group of committed Christian leaders from different denominations to pray and plan together. The first local advisory board was organized in February 1985 and it was enlarged into a wider body in January 1986 and at that time the official opening of EBS was approved, and this was re-confirmed in April 1986.  In September 1986, the first class of eight students started in a small rented house in Yangon. So EBS was launched as an indigenous and a non-denominational theological institute in Myanmar. By the grace of God, in the subsequent years EBS has gained acceptance by many church leaders in Myanmar and overseas.
EBS operates as a faith mission, trusting God to supply its needs. It aim is excellence in the standard of theological education and edification of the Churches in Myanmar. At first EBS offered Bachelor of Theology and in June 1992, proceeded to offer Master of Divinity programme. The nature and mission of EBS make it unique in Myanmar. EBS has selected the right name to bear and has proved the most strategic position and unique in quality. EBS is a high level and quality theological seminary for Myanmar which has a population of over 54 million.
EBS wants to be relevant to the wrestling of students living in the background of a poverty stricken situation, unemployment, corruption, wars, fear, theological liberal influence, fragmentation of churches and fast multiplication of Bible schools and new ministries. Obviously, these issues are best address by competent teachers who live in similar situation as students. EBS took the advantage of this benefit by employing her own graduates for the teaching ministry. They have no cultural barriers to overcome. A combination of both faculty and students have won and led 4,219 souls to Jesus Christ during the period of 1986 to 2007. During last summer holiday, we brought 66 new converts to Christ.
Our Beginnings